Error message: Incompatible graphic configuration detected

Red exclamation in bottom right corner shows an error message saying:
Incompatible graphic configuration detected
The driver for your graphics card is not vendor-specific
To avoid 3D or cross-plot rendering issues, please install a driver specific to your graphic card.

Some of the functionality in ENTER™, like the 3D plotter, requires a graphic card with OpenGL v3.2 or greater. NVIDIA graphic card is recommended - see supported cards here: Only recent Intel graphic cards are supported. Make sure to have an updated graphic driver.

If this error only comes in INTViewer™ and not in ENTER™, there is a possibility that a "natives" folder is missing where INTViewer™ is installation folder. A zip file of the natives folder can be found together with the ENTER™ plugin installation files. (Make sure when extracting natives, that it does not end up as natives/natives/windows-amd64; it should be natives/windows-amd64.

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