Error: Can't open or save session file

Error messages

"Can't open session file." followed by "Can't restore window state: Access is denied."

"Can't save session.", followed by "Could not save tc tracker file...:"


Possible cause for the error

The cache (temporary files) were not properly released last time ENTER™ was run/closed. 

(In version 2.4.0, this seems to be happening more frequent than in earlier versions. Steps have been taken to fix this in the next version of ENTER™).



Close ENTER™ and try again. In some rare cases, ENTER™ did not properly terminate and its process is still running even though the program seems to have shut down. Open the task manager (Start menu, type "task" and choose the Task manager), switch to the Details tab and scroll down to rptas_enter64.exe. Right click on it and choose "End task". One can also attempt deleting the cache, by deleting the subfolders in C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming\.enter.




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